Monday, April 24, 2006
A Lot of Patients, and a Little Direction....
...It's amazing what my family can do on a Sunday afternoon. We, he and I with the little one, set out at noon for an apple peeler, and detoured to the home store. We walked through the green house while the little one was snuggly tied to my back, and made me bend down to smell every flower. I saw a few things that caught my eye, and then we found more that would go with it. I picked out a nice pair of gardening gloves thinking these proably won't get used like the last pair I bought. We checked out, and decided to go to the next home store and see what they had. After a disapointing run, we headed towards one final stop, and found the rest of what we were looking for!

We scooped up the boys up at about 3:30 on the way home, and then the work started! I had no idea how much was going to go into planting a few shrubs and a couple of trees. He marked the ground, and dug up the rocks that will have a new home at the farm. I dug the earth up and we all loosened the soil and removed the grass. The loose grass was moved up to the front, under big pine, in which I planted a bunch of wild flowers in. We tilled the earth with our hands, and even the little one helped, with a plastic rake, and a rail road spike. I think he got down a few mouth fulls of dark black soil before he realized it wasn't too tasty.

He and I laid down the weed barier, and he and the boys went and got the mulch from the other side of the street. We all spread the mulch, and he let me do the lay out. I dug the holes and planted the first few things on my own, and he was proud of me. He had the boys help on the other side. We all cleaned up, and I gave the fresh new plants a good soaking!

I am so proud of my family for doing this project together. We had quite a bit of fun, and were all happy when we stepped back to take a look. We finished it before sunset, only a few hours of work. Wow, look what we did, as a family. Tomorrow, we'll plant the sun flowers down the side of the house, together, as a family.
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