Monday, June 21, 2010
Yeah, yeah. I know.
I know, it's been too long.  I've just got so so much happening.  I'm not giong to be posting my creations on this blog any longer.  This one will be strickly home life and my general insanity.

So, since last post, I've given birth to another little one.  So, for anyone who is counting, that's child number 5 for me and number 8 for he and I put together.  So, we've got Ash, the big girl who is  now 19, Jr. the biggest brother who just turned 16, TT, the bigger brother who is 14, Little Man, the big brother who is 6 wonderful years old, Belly, the princess who is 2 and a half (that half counts ya know!), and Baby J, the newest additon of our crazy crew, at just 3 months old and keeping us all in smiles!

The kids are growing up so quickly it's a little heartbreaking, hubs is doing what a good husband and father does, and we are trying to make sure to spend some "us" time with each other.  Whether it's cooking a meal together, or getting out for a quick errand.

We're hoping to plan a camping trip with the kiddos at the turn of fall so it's not too hot and buggy out for us to enjoy.  We're praying that we can get out additon underway, our family is growing faster than our home.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
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The Ultimate Shoebox from Amy
Oh Wow! It's just all I have to say. I was watching out the window waiting for the FedEx guy to get here. Boy of Boy! What a wait. So I did some inchies, and played with the babies (while I should've been cleaning up my craft nook!) I went to lay Belly down for a nap and nurse her to sleep, and then, just as her eyes were getting heavy, the dog starts barking.........
We both jumped out of the bed, and ran for the front door! Jr. was already out by the truck and I swear the 2 of us almost tackled the guy before he was out the door of his van!

Amy, Doll! You are way too kind, and I can't believe you did all of this for me! I love everything you sent, and yes, you're too right! A few of our things were the same! Teehee! You're such a great lady, and I'm so glad to have you as a friend, which I know we will stay. It's been so great chatting with you, and sharing with you, and now that we both have our boxes, it almost seems like kismet! You've got me pegged Doll, that's for sure!

My camera wouldn't take pics of the Card for Day 13 very well, and for Day 15, the girl sends me a ginormous bag of skittles! How clever is that! Not the ones you eat, but she really made that word work for her! Good for you Amy! She also sent me 3 extra goodie bags, the sneaky thing! The coolest pair of flippers I've ever seen! They have glowsticks in them! Wow! They do fit! How'd you guess I have me some Flintstone feet! These are so awesome I'm going to wear them to the Monster Truck Demo tonight! In the second goodie bag sat 3 of the cutest note pads, a Belle pen (which Belly saw and quite promptly said "mine, gimme please" she loves it!) and the yummiest smelling lemon candle!

Oh there's more! She got me 3 Bella stamps (which is totally her fault I'm addicted to) LOL and my page kit (which melted in her car out there in the hot VA sun!) will be on the way soon! I'm so speachless!

For the tool, she got me a Big Bite! Can you believe that? The girl bought me a Big Bite! I'm so spoiled! She asked who had a better shoebox sister than her when she posted my box to her, well, I'm answering I DO!
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Twilight Lover's Swap

This swap was so much fun! Especially when the booklights failed, and I have a box of junk sitting here. So what could I send to my swap sisters that would make up for it. Hmmmm! I'll show you a pic of the front, but I won't tell you what's inside! Not till they get them! I really hope the like them!
Group 1: surprise
Group 2: bookmarks (edward/jacob)
Group 3: mini notebooks
Group 4: pens (One drop of "blood" from New Moon)
Group 5: ATC (we'll be watching you)
I really hope the ladies enjoy them! I had a lot of fun making them, and my desk and keyboard are covered in glimmer mist now!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Send in the Cards!

I've been on a card making kick lately and just thought I'd share this one! My blog is just as chaotic as my life, and so not as organized as everyone elses, but oh well! I dont' think anyone even follows it! Ha! Show's how many people love me!

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Friday, June 05, 2009
So... It's been a while!
So... it's been a while, a long while since I've used this blog. Some of the blogs here are very personal and very heartfelt. I do not wish to abandon them. I will continue this blog with a new purpose. Keeping the memories of my family.

From here on now I will share my crafting as well as my personal journey. For those who wish to share it with me, you are most welcome.

It is now June 2009, and it's been about 3 years since I've posted. I have a new little one. She is wonderful, and 15 months. Her birth was very healing and I will post her story at a different time.

I suppose it will be chaos here for a while till I get a rhythm going. I plan on spending most of my blogging here from now on. Looking forward to sharing with you, and continuing on my path to healing my family.
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Friday, July 14, 2006
A year ago today
A year ago today, I walked throug this front door. Tears in my eyes, and one, stupid, ugly lamp in my hand. The little one snuggled up on my shoulder for a nap, and the older boys trailing behind me in excitement. That key fit perfectly in my hand.
A year ago today, I started scrubbing everything in site, making it nice and clean for my family. The little one slept on his blanket in the middle of the floor of an empty room, while the older boys ran, and explored their new back yard.
A year ago this was a house, and in the short year, we've made it our home. Our home, with a safe place for the kids to play. Our home, with a huge yard for them to enjoy. In one short year we have made this our home, and already so many wonderful memories have been made. So many more to come.
A year ago today, we started a new beginning for our children, in a safe town, close to family, and friends, with good schools, and lots of kids. We are and will remain eternally grateful to those who helped us get where we are today. You helped us make this house our home, and you are always most welcome here.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
a tiny thought

for the tiniest ones. I was your momma before your heart's first beat and I remain so after it's last.
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Sending them off

Early Thursday morning, the older 2 boys will be setting out for adventure, and spiritual growth. I am spending the day washing, buying and packing for their trip. They will be gone for 2 weeks, and I will be lost. I love having them home with me and the little one. We play, we create, we dye, we sleep, we fight, we work, and we have fun. It's hard enough to be with out them for a day or two. They don't realise how much their momma is going to miss them. Who will be here to fly kites with me and the little one. Who will help with making dinner while we joke and laugh in the kitchen. I'm sure the little one can step in, but he will miss them so much too. He still doesn't understand when they have to go away for a weekend every now and then. He is going to be heatbroken. The girl will be here for 2 weekend while the older 2 are away. That will help the little one deal. The older 2 will have so much fun, and see parts of this country they have never seen before. They are going to see some of the most beautiful land and learn about their Native American heritage. They are going to see the mountains I so passionately tell them about. They are going to dip thier toes in the ocean, I will not be there to see it. This is going to be hard on us. There are no plans of a small trip with him, the little one and me either. ::sigh:: Children deserve happiness and adventure. But don't mommas and poppas deserve it too? We'll have to see what we can do about that. Enjoy the day, this day is beautiful.
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Monday, April 24, 2006
A Lot of Patients, and a Little Direction....
...It's amazing what my family can do on a Sunday afternoon. We, he and I with the little one, set out at noon for an apple peeler, and detoured to the home store. We walked through the green house while the little one was snuggly tied to my back, and made me bend down to smell every flower. I saw a few things that caught my eye, and then we found more that would go with it. I picked out a nice pair of gardening gloves thinking these proably won't get used like the last pair I bought. We checked out, and decided to go to the next home store and see what they had. After a disapointing run, we headed towards one final stop, and found the rest of what we were looking for!

We scooped up the boys up at about 3:30 on the way home, and then the work started! I had no idea how much was going to go into planting a few shrubs and a couple of trees. He marked the ground, and dug up the rocks that will have a new home at the farm. I dug the earth up and we all loosened the soil and removed the grass. The loose grass was moved up to the front, under big pine, in which I planted a bunch of wild flowers in. We tilled the earth with our hands, and even the little one helped, with a plastic rake, and a rail road spike. I think he got down a few mouth fulls of dark black soil before he realized it wasn't too tasty.

He and I laid down the weed barier, and he and the boys went and got the mulch from the other side of the street. We all spread the mulch, and he let me do the lay out. I dug the holes and planted the first few things on my own, and he was proud of me. He had the boys help on the other side. We all cleaned up, and I gave the fresh new plants a good soaking!

I am so proud of my family for doing this project together. We had quite a bit of fun, and were all happy when we stepped back to take a look. We finished it before sunset, only a few hours of work. Wow, look what we did, as a family. Tomorrow, we'll plant the sun flowers down the side of the house, together, as a family.
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