Monday, June 21, 2010
Yeah, yeah. I know.
I know, it's been too long.  I've just got so so much happening.  I'm not giong to be posting my creations on this blog any longer.  This one will be strickly home life and my general insanity.

So, since last post, I've given birth to another little one.  So, for anyone who is counting, that's child number 5 for me and number 8 for he and I put together.  So, we've got Ash, the big girl who is  now 19, Jr. the biggest brother who just turned 16, TT, the bigger brother who is 14, Little Man, the big brother who is 6 wonderful years old, Belly, the princess who is 2 and a half (that half counts ya know!), and Baby J, the newest additon of our crazy crew, at just 3 months old and keeping us all in smiles!

The kids are growing up so quickly it's a little heartbreaking, hubs is doing what a good husband and father does, and we are trying to make sure to spend some "us" time with each other.  Whether it's cooking a meal together, or getting out for a quick errand.

We're hoping to plan a camping trip with the kiddos at the turn of fall so it's not too hot and buggy out for us to enjoy.  We're praying that we can get out additon underway, our family is growing faster than our home.
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