Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Sending them off

Early Thursday morning, the older 2 boys will be setting out for adventure, and spiritual growth. I am spending the day washing, buying and packing for their trip. They will be gone for 2 weeks, and I will be lost. I love having them home with me and the little one. We play, we create, we dye, we sleep, we fight, we work, and we have fun. It's hard enough to be with out them for a day or two. They don't realise how much their momma is going to miss them. Who will be here to fly kites with me and the little one. Who will help with making dinner while we joke and laugh in the kitchen. I'm sure the little one can step in, but he will miss them so much too. He still doesn't understand when they have to go away for a weekend every now and then. He is going to be heatbroken. The girl will be here for 2 weekend while the older 2 are away. That will help the little one deal. The older 2 will have so much fun, and see parts of this country they have never seen before. They are going to see some of the most beautiful land and learn about their Native American heritage. They are going to see the mountains I so passionately tell them about. They are going to dip thier toes in the ocean, I will not be there to see it. This is going to be hard on us. There are no plans of a small trip with him, the little one and me either. ::sigh:: Children deserve happiness and adventure. But don't mommas and poppas deserve it too? We'll have to see what we can do about that. Enjoy the day, this day is beautiful.
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