Friday, July 14, 2006
A year ago today
A year ago today, I walked throug this front door. Tears in my eyes, and one, stupid, ugly lamp in my hand. The little one snuggled up on my shoulder for a nap, and the older boys trailing behind me in excitement. That key fit perfectly in my hand.
A year ago today, I started scrubbing everything in site, making it nice and clean for my family. The little one slept on his blanket in the middle of the floor of an empty room, while the older boys ran, and explored their new back yard.
A year ago this was a house, and in the short year, we've made it our home. Our home, with a safe place for the kids to play. Our home, with a huge yard for them to enjoy. In one short year we have made this our home, and already so many wonderful memories have been made. So many more to come.
A year ago today, we started a new beginning for our children, in a safe town, close to family, and friends, with good schools, and lots of kids. We are and will remain eternally grateful to those who helped us get where we are today. You helped us make this house our home, and you are always most welcome here.
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