Tuesday, July 28, 2009
The Ultimate Shoebox from Amy
Oh Wow! It's just all I have to say. I was watching out the window waiting for the FedEx guy to get here. Boy of Boy! What a wait. So I did some inchies, and played with the babies (while I should've been cleaning up my craft nook!) I went to lay Belly down for a nap and nurse her to sleep, and then, just as her eyes were getting heavy, the dog starts barking.........
We both jumped out of the bed, and ran for the front door! Jr. was already out by the truck and I swear the 2 of us almost tackled the guy before he was out the door of his van!

Amy, Doll! You are way too kind, and I can't believe you did all of this for me! I love everything you sent, and yes, you're too right! A few of our things were the same! Teehee! You're such a great lady, and I'm so glad to have you as a friend, which I know we will stay. It's been so great chatting with you, and sharing with you, and now that we both have our boxes, it almost seems like kismet! You've got me pegged Doll, that's for sure!

My camera wouldn't take pics of the Card for Day 13 very well, and for Day 15, the girl sends me a ginormous bag of skittles! How clever is that! Not the ones you eat, but she really made that word work for her! Good for you Amy! She also sent me 3 extra goodie bags, the sneaky thing! The coolest pair of flippers I've ever seen! They have glowsticks in them! Wow! They do fit! How'd you guess I have me some Flintstone feet! These are so awesome I'm going to wear them to the Monster Truck Demo tonight! In the second goodie bag sat 3 of the cutest note pads, a Belle pen (which Belly saw and quite promptly said "mine, gimme please" she loves it!) and the yummiest smelling lemon candle!

Oh there's more! She got me 3 Bella stamps (which is totally her fault I'm addicted to) LOL and my page kit (which melted in her car out there in the hot VA sun!) will be on the way soon! I'm so speachless!

For the tool, she got me a Big Bite! Can you believe that? The girl bought me a Big Bite! I'm so spoiled! She asked who had a better shoebox sister than her when she posted my box to her, well, I'm answering I DO!
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